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The Funlist! Podcast Episode 1

At last, here is a new episode of the The Funlist podcast, recording July 8, 2014. The show is a mix of tech, news, pop culture–all the stuff we as a tight knit group of colleagues like to kick around the office. Your hosts for this episode are Jessica, Philip, …

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Data Lake White Paper

The Jonah Group recently published a white paper (http://goo.gl/TkZbbr) describing the benefits of our data lake architecture. Data lakes enable rapid development of reports and data analytics without spending money on data modeling and ETL development. It drastically reduces the cost of business requirement validation, which often leads to expensive re-work. Data lakes are based on NoSQL technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce.

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Core Java Developer with FIX Protocol experience

Capital Markets and FIX Protocol experience is a must for this role.

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1x Intermediate and 1x Senior C# .NET Developer

We are looking to hire (immediately) 2 talented C# .NET developers. Although not mandatory, preference will be given to those who have Capital Markets experience.

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Report on Maclean’s Thought Leadership and Innovation Event

I attended the Maclean’s thought leadership and innovation event at the Design Exchange today. The keynote speech provided by Peter Aceto, employee #8 and current CEO of Tangerine Bank Canada, was quite engaging. To frame the discussion, he posed the question “what is the Canadian equivalent of the American dream?” wondering why Canadians are very low on the innovation scale (and slipping), even though Canada is regularly high on the list of the best countries in which to live. This question provided the context for exploring potential solutions to how leaders can help Canada become more innovative.

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