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Boardroom Metrics Talks about Project Management @ Jonah Group

After publishing the blogs, I set out to find organizations that did not fit the widely accepted project failure rate of up to 70%. During my research I came across the Toronto based software organization, Jonah Group with a IT project success rate of some 90% as identified in an article in the Toronto Star.

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Must you use MS Excel 2010 as an MDI application only, always and forever?

What’s that? What is MDI? Whaaaaaat? Ha! Why that’s short for (M)ultiple (D)ocument (I)nterface. Ok great, but what is that really? Well, apart from MDI, there are also applications that work as SDI (and yes, that would be Single Document Interface). This has a long track back in the history …

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QA Analyst / Tester

We are currently looking to hire 2 QA Analysts to join an existing project that deals with a health insurance web application and a huge data warehouse.

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Administrative Assistant

The Jonah Group is looking for an exceptionally tech savvy individual to come help us keep our kick-ass work environment a workplace of choice. We are looking for a smart and high energy individual, if this is you then we would like to hear from you.

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C# .NET Developer with Capital Markets Experience

We are specifically looking for developers with experience in Dodd-Frank Act integration, valuation engine and trade data warehouses.

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