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Mistakes in Platform Selection

Emotion is a Poor Substitute for Facts In the old days of MS-DOS, as you might recall, every computer included a quaint little programming environment called GW-BASIC. What you may not recall is that you could write object oriented programs using GW-BASIC. Don’t believe me? It’s true! All you need …

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Re: “The Office Not the Best Place For Work?”

I just saw one by Jason Fried (TEDx Midwest), in which he contends that work is not a good place to get work done. Jason describes a pain that everyone who works in an office has had at one time or another. I believe he has some excellent points, but I have to take issue with his central theory that meetings and managers (what he calls M&M's) are the root cause of the problem.

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QCon SF 2009 Review

Back in November 2009, I attended the third annual QCon conference in San Francisco. QCon first started 3 years ago in London, UK. Another edition of the conference took place this year in California. The conference lasted for 3 days with sessions organized around the following topics: Agility, Architecture, Java, Ruby, Cloud Computing, Emerging Languages and SOA.

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