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iPad Development 101 – viewWillAppear… gotcha!

Every so often when your programming with in various different languages you will come across what’s known as a “gotcha!”. These are the subtleties and sometimes undocumented (or hard to find) tricks to getting your code fully functional or working around a bug. These tricks can be differences in hardware/software, …

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iPad Development 101 – Orientation

Thanks to the introduction of orientation-aware computing devices, designers and developers must now come up with orientation-compatible layouts and implementations. In some cases, switching the orientation will simply modify the layout of the application elements; other times the user experience or application layout could be completely different for each device orientation. Users of orientation-capable devices expect applications to respond to orientation changes, and often rely on them to provide improved/alternative usability options. In this tutorial we will explore the iPad’s orientation capabilities and look into a few methods for orientation implementation.

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iPad Development 101 – Hiding the Status Bar

An essential part of making an application look and feel great is to take care of the smaller details. Hiding the status bar is one of those little details that’s really easy to control.

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Tutorial: Web interface for grep and cat in PHP

Do you find yourself repeating the same shell commands again and again? Automate them through a web interface, such as the one we will build in this week’s tutorial.

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