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The Hidden Value of Software Consultants

The hidden costs of having employees, particularly those of the creative class of software developers, significantly drives up the total cost per hour for their work. This article considers the boost a company gets from softer factors like lower attrition rates, cultural cohesion, rigorous time capture, reduction in stress, and an increase in time and attention to more strategic matters.

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Jonah Group Profiled in the Toronto Star Business Club

There are big advantages to hiring a small company. So says The Jonah Group, an 83-person Toronto-based firm of software engineers. With an impressive 25 custom software projects currently under contract in Canada and the U.S., business is humming along nicely for the 13-year-old company. - See more at: http://www.starbusinessclub.ca/technology/small-toronto-software-firm-aims-to-compete-with-the-likes-of-ibm

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Re: “The Office Not the Best Place For Work?”

I just saw one by Jason Fried (TEDx Midwest), in which he contends that work is not a good place to get work done. Jason describes a pain that everyone who works in an office has had at one time or another. I believe he has some excellent points, but I have to take issue with his central theory that meetings and managers (what he calls M&M's) are the root cause of the problem.

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Software Longevity and Your Home Renovation

Engineering process has long been a fundamental part of countless industries. However the engineering process in the still-emerging field of software and systems development has yet to mature. But software is different from those "physical" disciplines, right? It can be easily changed; it's soft, malleable. Except that it really isn't.

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The crew behind ASOT

We're a team of interactive, software, and business intelligence experts skilled in the design, construction, and management of online enterprise systems.

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