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Software Longevity and Your Home Renovation

Engineering process has long been a fundamental part of countless industries. However the engineering process in the still-emerging field of software and systems development has yet to mature. But software is different from those "physical" disciplines, right? It can be easily changed; it's soft, malleable. Except that it really isn't.

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From Object to Context Orientation – The Evolution of Software Engineering

Software development has undergone many recent changes, such as agile processes, domain specific languages, SOA and semantic web. We seem to have encountered a paradigm shift that expresses the discontent with a centralized perfect world, and embraces a world of variety and distribution. The discontent is related to the ontological principle that describes how an object is related to the world.

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The crew behind ASOT

We're a team of interactive, software, and business intelligence experts skilled in the design, construction, and management of online enterprise systems.

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