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Secure me now … or Secure me later

I recently suffered a two alarm fire in the building where I live. My condo sustained significant water damage, so much so that the premises were in fact rendered unlivable. We had move to a temporary home and were completely uprooted. In the meantime, our condo was gutted and essentially redone. Thankfully we had insurance like most people, and we had dutifully paid our monthly premium, so all expenses were covered. And we incurred quite a lot of them. But what does that have to do with Web Application Security?

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Managing personal information – can we even trust ourselves?

Don Tapscott's excellent post on why transparency and privacy should go hand in hand was right on the money, but a few aspects of managing access to sensitive personal information were not addressed in his article. This article takes his thoughts a bit further, and examines the risk of entrusting - even to ourselves - the dissemination of our personal information to others.

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