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Mistakes in Platform Selection

Emotion is a Poor Substitute for Facts In the old days of MS-DOS, as you might recall, every computer included a quaint little programming environment called GW-BASIC. What you may not recall is that you could write object oriented programs using GW-BASIC. Don’t believe me? It’s true! All you need …

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Debugging PHP the print_r way

It’s bug crunching season and it’s time to break out that debugger. Today’s weapon of choice: mum’s old-fashioned print statements.

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Tutorial: Web interface for grep and cat in PHP

Do you find yourself repeating the same shell commands again and again? Automate them through a web interface, such as the one we will build in this week’s tutorial.

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Sent Headers Strike Back, Episode II

The infamous PHP “Headers already sent” warning strikes back, but this time in an entirely inconspicuous manner. Here is our story of how we took down the reincarnation of this PHP foe.

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