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The World’s First Varsity Creativity League Launches in Toronto

Toronto, ON – Your creative juices are flowing, your mind is filled with ideas, but you don’t want to wait in a line of 1000 people to audition for “Triple Threat”, so what do you do? On October 15, 2012 in Toronto, The Media League, the world’s first varsity creativity league launches in Toronto, bringing social networks and digital creativity into high schools in a positive and fun way.

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Culture Compass picks up on The Media League

We’re gearing up for a summer of sport as the UK goes into over-drive for all things Olympic. But could we ever imagine a Games that had creativity, rather than sport, at its core? A sprint finish for the best photographer, or a medal for the most talented graphic designer?

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Good Service, Part III

Good Service has both a subjective, experiential dimension that includes being responsive, honest, and intelligent, and an objective dimension that includes being on time, on budget, and having a full-featured delivery, as promised. This article series is about the less-easily measurable, experiential dimension of Good Service. Part III discusses shared understanding, collaboration, creativity, and the importance of defining a successful result.

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