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The Funlist! Podcast Episode 4: Slack, Bye Tobi and Hi Augie!

[ Download mp3 ] [ SoundCloud ] The gang catches up after a long hiatus. In this episode the Funlisters: Reminisce about Tobi and catch up with Augie. Dump incredulity on Apple hype. (One USB port?!) Talk about this cool new thing in the office called Slack. Hosts: Phil, Jessica …

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Microsoft’s DNA and the Primordial Pond

The first decade of this new century of computing was characterized by the network. We built out the online world using Java and web browsers, which led to a somewhat generic vision of a computer as a box with a pixelated screen, mouse, and internet connection. In reality, one size does not fit all; nor will it ever. Fundamentally, digital hardware and software has always been highly complex, differentiated, and evolving. That’s what the PC platform represented, and what it still facilitates today. It’s a central hub where hardware vendors, experimenters, business people, researchers, technical specialists, highly niche-oriented fields, and novices of all kinds could come together and figure out “What’s Next.”  The essence of the PC platform is not a box under a desk somewhere, it’s an affirmation that evolution happens naturally and spontaneously, and needs an ecosystem that supports it.

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Why the iPad Matters #2

It is just a possibility at this point. But it is worth asking: if the iPad becomes another touchstone device, what can we foretell about that success? Why will the iPad have succeeded? How will it have succeeded? And most importantly, who will have won and lost with it?

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Why the iPad matters #1

Why does the iPad matter? What exactly does it mean, if anything? Is it just another cool toy? Or is it maybe, as some say, the end of the newspaper, or of the book? Is it the school of the future? The phone of the future? What will we do with it? What should we do with it? How do we use it for fun and profit? How do we design and develop for it? What’s the smart way to play this?

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