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Peter Bishop

Senior Business Analyst

Schooled in Economics and Computer Science, I ended up as a Business Analyst purely by accident. That being said there's nothing I'd rather do for a living. However, if I didn't have to work for a living then I'd definitely ride my motorcycle around the world and blog about that.

BA Basics Series Part 1 – Meeting Best Practices

This post is part one in a series of articles designed to assist readers who have recently started working in a Business Analyst role. The articles will help readers to learn a few of the basic tricks of the trade that will hopefully make their experiences as a BA more …

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Thoughts on User Stories vs. Use Cases

Both Use Cases and User Stories have been around for a while. User Stories originated with the advent of the Extreme Programming (XP) movement in the 1990’s and are a key component of most Agile development methods. Use Cases were invented by Ivar Jacobson when he worked at Ericsson in the late 60’s as a way to specify functional requirements and eventually found a home as a requirements technique in the Rational Unified Process (RUP).

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