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Senior Technical Architect

Nenad is a seasoned IT veteran in the realm of networked economy, equally adept with client liaisons, managing the business to technology complexity and all things technical. He has developed particular interest in the field of web application security over the last few years. An excellent communicator, Nenad is fluent in four languages and he enjoys diverse interests outside of work, such as cooking, skiing, cycling, running, triathlons and is a proud father of two young budding soccer players.

Must you use MS Excel 2010 as an MDI application only, always and forever?

What’s that? What is MDI? Whaaaaaat? Ha! Why that’s short for (M)ultiple (D)ocument (I)nterface. Ok great, but what is that really? Well, apart from MDI, there are also applications that work as SDI (and yes, that would be Single Document Interface). This has a long track back in the history …

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On Browser Caching

In this day and age, you must have ventured out onto the internet, you know what a browser is, and you have done your share of web surfing. Otherwise you wouldn't even be reading this. It always begins the same way: you point your browser to a site, a page, ...

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Secure me now … or Secure me later

I recently suffered a two alarm fire in the building where I live. My condo sustained significant water damage, so much so that the premises were in fact rendered unlivable. We had move to a temporary home and were completely uprooted. In the meantime, our condo was gutted and essentially redone. Thankfully we had insurance like most people, and we had dutifully paid our monthly premium, so all expenses were covered. And we incurred quite a lot of them. But what does that have to do with Web Application Security?

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