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Marc Riehm

Project Director

Marc is a Project Director at Jonah Group. He has been creating software professionally since 1990, and is a positive and dynamic force on any development project!

Why HTML5?

So “HTML5″ is one of the tech buzzwords-du-jour, right up there with “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things” (hey, look, Ma: my banana has an IP address!). But what is HTML5? How did we get here? Is there any substance behind the hype? And what does it mean for …

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Why Outsourcing Yields Successful Projects

Twenty-four years at this game gives you some perspective, as you gaze through your graduated lenses. I started out in a team-based, custom-software-development consulting company. And for the past eight years, I’ve been happily working at another — Jonah Group. In between, I worked for product companies, financial institutions, and …

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