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Geoff is an interactive systems integrator specializing in design and development of online business solutions using open source frameworks.

Challenging the Usability of Bullet-style Slider Navigation

You have probably seen and even interacted with this bullet style navigation on the web. It's a common approach for providing visible navigation for content panels or image slides used throughout the web and even included as options from popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery Tools. Well I do think that this bullet style navigation can enhance the usability of such widgets, it's often implemented in a way that is not so user friendly and can actually be difficult and unclear to the user how the bullet navigation is supposed to be used. For reference I have included a screenshot of the bullet navigation technique as used on the Google Galaxy Nexus microsite. You can view the live page to get a feel for the navigation.

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Government of Ontario Improves Accessibility and Usability Across the Board

The government of Ontario has launched a new initiative, which is currently being rolled out to all the ministry websites. It addresses the core issues with respect to user experience and accessibility.

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Tools of the Trade: Jumpcut – the essential cut and paste utility for mac

Throughout my years as a programmer I have used a variety of different operating systems, GUIs, utilities and so on. When I come across applications or procedures that makes my life as a developer (or computer user) easier, it’s nice to share them with peers and even debate their usefulness …

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iPad Development 101 – viewWillAppear… gotcha!

Every so often when your programming with in various different languages you will come across what’s known as a “gotcha!”. These are the subtleties and sometimes undocumented (or hard to find) tricks to getting your code fully functional or working around a bug. These tricks can be differences in hardware/software, …

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iPad Development 101 – Orientation

Thanks to the introduction of orientation-aware computing devices, designers and developers must now come up with orientation-compatible layouts and implementations. In some cases, switching the orientation will simply modify the layout of the application elements; other times the user experience or application layout could be completely different for each device orientation. Users of orientation-capable devices expect applications to respond to orientation changes, and often rely on them to provide improved/alternative usability options. In this tutorial we will explore the iPad’s orientation capabilities and look into a few methods for orientation implementation.

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