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Emmanuel Ballerini


Software developer who enjoys facing challenges, whether technical or not. He's also a traveler and a rock-climber. Combined together, they allow him to discover more of the world and push his limits further.

Spring Roo: thumbs up or just another tool?

When I went to QCon San Francisco 2009, I attended Spring’s Roo presentation by Rod Johnson. I have been interested in what Spring Source develops for a few years now; I have used the Spring framework and went to a training course as well, so I was really interested to …

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The Dilemma of Software Updates

On every single IT project, softwares, tools and frameworks are chosen to develop the system components. Those tools and applications are selected based on many criteria: relevance to the project, easiness to use, price, license, knowledge from the team and so forth. Versions are chosen based on the same criteria, but sometimes deciding when to apply software updates can be difficult.

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QCon SF 2009 Review

Back in November 2009, I attended the third annual QCon conference in San Francisco. QCon first started 3 years ago in London, UK. Another edition of the conference took place this year in California. The conference lasted for 3 days with sessions organized around the following topics: Agility, Architecture, Java, Ruby, Cloud Computing, Emerging Languages and SOA.

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