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Drew Atkins


Drew’s unique talents in Distributed Object Programming and Project Management are key to The Jonah Group’s ability to deliver commercial quality solutions and he can fly.

Data Lake White Paper

The Jonah Group recently published a white paper ( describing the benefits of our data lake architecture. Data lakes enable rapid development of reports and data analytics without spending money on data modeling and ETL development. It drastically reduces the cost of business requirement validation, which often leads to expensive re-work. Data lakes are based on NoSQL technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce.

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CDO Executive Summit – Jonah Group Summary Report

The Jonah Group was very proud to sponsor the inaugural CDO Executive Summit in Detroit on May 6, 2014. The event was a major success! Topics included big data, predictive analysis and data lake architecture.

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Jonah Sk8 Team

The Jonah Group sponsored Tristan Laframboise to build a jonah-fied skateboard at the Oasis Skateboard Factory. The program teaches kids to run a community focused entrepreneurial business and counts as a high school credit.

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Award for the FARE Project Team

The Jonah Group recently received an award for the successful completion of the Facets Analytic Reporting Environment (FARE) Project for Blue Care Network (BCN) of Michigan.  The three-year project was completed on schedule and ran only 5% over budget!   BCN is very happy with the result and awarded Jonah this trophy …

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