Tools of the Trade: Jumpcut – the essential cut and paste utility for mac

Throughout my years as a programmer I have used a variety of different operating systems, GUIs, utilities and so on. When I come across applications or procedures that makes my life as a developer (or computer user) easier, it’s nice to share them with peers and even debate their usefulness in order to figure out what tools can be most effective and streamline efficiency.

The bottleneck

Switching between multiple applications copying and pasting multiple lines/instances of text.

The solution


The Jumpcut applications allows you to copy multiple instances of text and store the values in a indexed clipboard. You can then use the shortcut icon in your taskbar or Jumpcut hotkeys to browse and paste text from the clipboard history.

This tool has saved me a lot of time and has become a utility that I leverage on a daily basis.

Although Jumpcut is a mac application, there should be some comparable utilities out there for Windows and Linux. If you know of any comparable applications, please leave a comment

  1. On Windows, you’ve got , which has a few more neat features, like searchable clipboard items and the ability to share a clipboard across machines.

    Dmitri Vassilenko
    Apr 27th, 2011

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