The Jonah Group delivers CAMS platform enhancements to RouteOne®

Important features and functions for the CAMS (Credit Aggregation and Management System) delivered to production during release 11.2.

We are proud to announce that the Jonah Group has recently helped RouteOne to deliver to production its 11.2 release. For our development team, this marks the first successful release of the year, bringing in a multitude of important enhancements to the current platform. With this release dealers have now more ways to prevent fraud, to automate the credit application processing and they also have access to more new premium services that they can subscribe for. And these are just a few highlights of the release.

RouteOne is a web-based credit application management platform developed by the finance arms of Chrysler, Ford MotorCompany, General Motors, and Toyota in early 2002 to better meet the needs of dealers. RouteOne combines captive dealership system integration with a single access-point to participating finance sources and dealership management systems.

The Jonah Group has provided software design and development services for RouteOne since late 2002, and continues to be engaged with them as a technology partner.

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