The Funlist Podcast: Episode 0

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Hello world! This post marks the launch of The Funlist podcast, a mix of tech, news, pop culture–all the stuff we as a tight knit group of colleagues like to kick around the office. We hope you enjoy it! It’s a work in progress.

Your hosts for this episode are Jessica, Philip, Augie and Rod. We discuss:

  • Obligatory #RoFo coverage. We’re a Toronto-based podcast. Gotta get it out of the way.
  • Kevin Spacey gifts Woody Allen a Netflix account. It’s a sign of the times. (Vanity Fair post:
  • XBoxOne/PS4: The next generation of gaming consoles is here.
  • Divergent film due March 2014. Is it Hunger Gamish? (Trailer:
  • We’ve got more tangents than a partial differential equation.

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