Point of Sale Middleware, Delivered.

The Jonah Group recently completed a successful project for Advantex Marketing International, a specialist in the marketing services industry, managing white-labelled rewards accelerator programs for major affinity groups.

Advantex procured a point-of-sale application to collect financial and loyalty card swipe event information, and asked Jonah to write a secure web integration and protocol conversion layer to facilitate communication between the POS devices and the Advantex back-end host.

Jonah was responsible for:

  • project management, design, implementation, and testing of the middleware that facilitated this communication
  • consultation on security hardening at the network and application layers, and installation of measures to prevent potential denial-of-service attacks
  • creation of testing and operations manuals for all software delivered
  • facilitation of the creation of a database that maintains an authoritative record of real-time communication for later use, such as tailored incentives and closed-loop marketing

The system was delivered on time and on budget using an agile engagement style, with the customer participating at every step along the way to help define detailed requirements and make changes as the system was designed and built. The host business logic was wrapped in a set of web-enabled services in the DMZ. The application was written with a minimal amount of framework code, to deal with constraints of the software stack on the POS device, and because simplicity was of paramount importance in allowing expedient certification of the POS application. Operation and monitoring of the system was facilitated by a customized logging and audit trail component that integrated with the operation team’s monitoring solution.

Based on how this first project went, The Jonah Group is easily next in line for any upcoming work that we plan to outsource.

— Mike Gavich, Director IT Operations & Infrastructure, Advantex

Delivery and implementation went without a hitch, from the client’s perspective. “The POS middleware project went a lot smoother than many of our other vendor-supported initiatives.” said Mike Gavich, Director IT Operations & Infrastructure. “I certainly consider it to be one of my successes, which was largely due to Jonah’s work on the system. Based on how this first project went, The Jonah Group is easily next in line for any upcoming work that we plan to outsource.”

The engagement is now complete. Advantex has taken over control and operation of the middleware and POS applications, and the POS middleware solution is up and running within the Advantex data centre. We’d like to say thanks to Advantex for giving us this chance to work with them on this project, and to Gil Broza – agile coach to the software stars – for introducing Advantex to Jonah. Until next time!

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