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Jonah Group Launches Greenbelt Site

The Jonah Group and The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation are proud to announce the redesign, redevelopment and relaunch of Greenbelt.ca. The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. The Foundation was created to help foster our Greenbelt’s living countryside by nurturing and supporting activities that preserve its environmental and agricultural integrity.

The Foundation worked with the Jonah Group to solve several problems with their previous site:

  • Poor content organization and structure made it difficult for users to navigate
  • The dated graphic design failed to demonstrate the depth, breadth and vibrancy of Ontario’s Greenbelt and the Foundation’s contribution
  • Administrative users had difficulty adding and updating content. Because of this, content was often abandoned, duplicated or inconsistently styled.
  • The Foundation’s active social media presence wasn’t well highlighted on the site’s homepage

The Jonah Group worked with the Foundation to overhaul the site. The new Greenbelt.ca site features the following:

  • Improved information architecture and site organization
  • Vibrant new graphic design
  • Complete Drupal overhaul and content migration
  • Better administration tools
  • Real time integration with the Foundation’s social media channels (ie. Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Our experience with the The Jonah Group has been fantastic. From the web developers to the client representatives, all of the staff were not only pleasant to work with but highly skilled in their areas of expertise. As a first time client, we had a lot of questions and big ideas for our project. The staff at the Jonah Group found innovative solutions to meet our high expectations and they continue to help us out quickly and efficiently when we find ourselves faced with something beyond our expertise.

Carla Balabanowicz, Communications Coordinator – The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation

The end product is a visually stunning site with an improved user experience. Visitors are able to easily browse the site and administrators can focus on delivering content. New and important content is highlighted throughout the site. As a result, users have a strong sense of the Foundation’s worthwhile effort and commitment to Ontario’s Greenbelt region.

We’re proud of the work we completed with the Greenbelt and look forward to working with them again.

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