Is Your School in the Mix? Get a Media Team Today!

Jonah Group has taken its first foray into the product space, launching The Media League - the world’s only varsity creativity league for high schools. We mashed up varsity sports with digital youth culture to produce The Media League, an ongoing organized competition in which high school Media Teams compete by producing and sharing original creative media.

The Media League is now accepting registrations for its inaugural 2012-13 season.

The Media League season includes Players, Teams and Coaches, as well as Tryouts, Pre-Season Games, Divisional Playoffs and eventually National Championships.

We're now accepting registrations for its inaugural 2012-13 season. Please visit our new site at :

Schools can be registered by students, teachers or administrators on The Media League website.

There is no cost to any student or school for participation in The Media League! It is 100% free.

You read that right - 100% free for schools and students. The Media League will engage thousands of creative teens in an extra-curricular program that will challenge them to learn, to collaborate and to create at the highest levels.

The Media League will also bridge the divide between schools and social media by integrating digital culture into student life and imbuing it with positive values like creative excellence, teamwork and school pride. To learn more about the league, please visit our website or email League Commissioner John Sobol.

Should this information be of interest to your membership we encourage you to circulate it widely. Thank you.

  1. No problem – we’re using WordPress for this blog, with a custom theme we developed in-house. You can have a blog look any way you like, but it will take some work to develop the theme and behaviours.

    Jeremy Chan
    Feb 28th, 2013

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