A Decade of Development

Wow – what a ride – it’s been 10 years since the Jonah Group was founded on June 1, 2001. Drew, Glenn and I started the company during the dotcom bust, after having been laid off en masse when the company we were all working for shut down.

We somehow knew we were working with excellent people, and that we could be successful. We decided to focus on our core systems integration business, and to pick a new name!

We and a number of former colleagues took up where we had left off before the unsuccessful merger, forming the core of our emerging venture. Having been swallowed up by the whale and ejected largely intact, we decided to name our new company The Jonah Group, and at the time we decided to focus on the heavy lifting of the online world – the design and development of secure, scalable, and robust enterprise web applications.

Jonah continued successfully in this vein for 5 years, but began to notice that some of our long-standing clients were asking us to do more. They wanted to engage with one vendor at the solution level, rather than with many at the application level, and so we started to expand our capabilities. Jonah Group’s involvement with Blue Care Network of Michigan gradually expanded until we were asked to engage in a review and remediation of one of their major data warehouses. This evolved into a major 3-year initiative, some of which was spent establishing a data warehousing practice for this style of project within the company. Since inception, we’ve had three major BI implementations within this practice for BCN and CIBC, and continue to expand on our internal capabilities. By 2006, we had established a thriving data warehousing practice.

One good turn deserves another – soon after, an opportunity presented itself to improve both our software development practice, as well as to add an interactive practice to our offering.

Jonah struck a deal with interactive specialists Radiant Core to take over some of their key clients as they were exiting from this space. We spent 6 months establishing internal best practices for the creation of branded, dynamic, content-heavy websites. At the same time, we began to integrate the UI design principles and practices we learned in so doing to our overall development approach.

We recognized that few companies have the depth to bring to bear a full suite of online services, and underwent a rebranding exercise under the mantra “The Beauty of Custom” to move our new-found interactive capabilities to the forefront of our brand.

10th anniversary cake

For the 3rd time in 8 years, Jonah Group had outgrown its existing office spaces. In December of 2008, we consolidated two disjoint offices into our current location West of the downtown Toronto core. We inhabit the third floor of a turn-of-the-century industrial heritage brick-and-beam building on King Street West, just a few steps west of Spadina. We love our space!

We’re now a flourishing custom online solution development agency, currently with 55 staff members. I’m really happy to working in such a special place.

Check out our birthday cake!

Over the last 10 years, I think we’ve consistently continued to optimize our operations, to hire the best talent, and to provide each customer with both a uniquely positive experience and a tangible result that noticeably improves their business. Jonah’s project success rate is over 99% – a number unheard of in the software industry.

Here’s to another 10 years!

About The Jonah Group:
The Jonah Group is an independent consulting agency that designs and builds custom software solutions that deliver measurable and sustainable RoI to enterprises under pressure to evolve. We call this “Beautiful Custom Software”, because we optimize for efficient workflow, elegant architectures, and rewarding user experiences.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Jeremy Chan
Tel: (416) 304-0860 ext 112
Email: jeremy.chan@jonahgroup.com

  1. This post lacks pictures of our cake!

    Jun 2nd, 2011
  2. Ahh! you’re right… fixing shortly

    Jeremy Chan
    Jun 2nd, 2011
  3. This post would have been more heart-felt if it wasn’t in the form of a media release.

    Jun 3rd, 2011
  4. I agree – took another crack at it.

    Jeremy Chan
    Jun 3rd, 2011
  5. Happy 10th Birthday Jonah! I look forward to making your 15th Anniversary cake!

    Jun 5th, 2011
  6. Definitely!

    Jeremy Chan
    Jun 5th, 2011
  7. 10 years strong, congratulations to all of you.

    Jul 20th, 2011
  8. Thanks! How are things at peapod?

    Jeremy Chan
    Jul 26th, 2011

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