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The Hidden Value of Software Consultants

The hidden costs of having employees, particularly those of the creative class of software developers, significantly drives up the total cost per hour for their work. This article considers the boost a company gets from softer factors like lower attrition rates, cultural cohesion, rigorous time capture, reduction in stress, and an increase in time and attention to more strategic matters.

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The Funlist! Podcast Episode 6: Marketing Jonah & The Social Media Game

In this episode: Natalie talks about the business of marketing Jonah. Dave shares insights around social media promotion and the quest to go viral. [ Download MP3 ] Hosts: Natalie, Dave, Phil and Rod. Recorded July 2, 2015.

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Why Outsourcing Yields Successful Projects

Twenty-four years at this game gives you some perspective, as you gaze through your graduated lenses. I started out in a team-based, custom-software-development consulting company. And for the past eight years, I’ve been happily working at another — Jonah Group. In between, I worked for product companies, financial institutions, and …

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Jonah Group Profiled in the Toronto Star Business Club

There are big advantages to hiring a small company. So says The Jonah Group, an 83-person Toronto-based firm of software engineers. With an impressive 25 custom software projects currently under contract in Canada and the U.S., business is humming along nicely for the 13-year-old company. - See more at:

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How to Choose a Software Vendor

Choosing a software vendor doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to know about the latest technologies or agile software methods and practices (after all, this isn’t your area of expertise). However, it’s definitely a good idea to ascertain what the value system of your prospective vendor is, and what this implies relative to your own. Shared values and team cohesion are overriding concerns when it comes to software project success. No adherence to a particular methodology or technology choice will trump them.

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