The World’s First Varsity Creativity League Launches in Toronto

Toronto, ON – Your creative juices are flowing, your mind is filled with ideas, but you don’t want to wait in a line of 1000 people to audition for “Triple Threat”, so what do you do? On October 15, 2012 in Toronto, The Media League, the world’s first varsity creativity league launches in Toronto, bringing social networks and digital creativity into high schools in a positive and fun way.

  • Where: Blyth Academy, 146 Yorkville Ave (in the courtyard), Toronto, ON
  • When: Monday October 15, 10:30 am (Media Check-in 10am)
  • What: Speeches, student performances, special appearances and more

Media League Poster

Media League Promotional Poster, 2013 Season

For an athlete in high school, making the varsity team in their particular sport is what they strive for and once achieved they are easily recognized by their peers, but creative students in high schools often don’t get recognized for their achievements. Well, that will change with the groundbreaking, interactive Media League. Whether you are a beatmaker, musician, singer, rapper, DJ, video maker, actor, writer, poet, visual artist, digital artist, comedian, dancer, The Media League will be the destination for high-quality creative content made by teens for teens, celebrating creativity and showcasing excellence in high schools everywhere.

“The Media League brings digital culture and networked creativity into an educational context in a way that students will relate to yet that still reflects institutional goals like excellence, achievement and collaboration,” says John Sobol, Media League Commissioner and Co-Founder.

The Media League brings digital culture and networked creativity into an educational context in a way that students will relate to yet that still reflects institutional goals like excellence, achievement and collaboration.

As with all varsity sports, The Media League is a great opportunity for kids to excel, gain respect and even launch a professional career. This unique extra-curricular media league will run just like a sports league with players, coaches, fans, tryouts, games, scores, playoffs and a national championship, but all for artists. “By entering the league we anticipate students gaining the same stuff athletes’ gain – fun, training, experience, status, maybe even fame or fortune. These players are the most creative kids their age and they are very talented. I could certainly imagine some hit songs emerging from all that high-quality creative output,” says Sobol.

Registration is now open on through November 2012 and participation is 100% free for all high schools in Canada and the USA. There are several ways that high school students, teachers, alumni and parents are able to participate during the season of The Media League, which will begin on January 21, 2013.

  • BE A PLAYER – If you want to represent your school as one of its most talented and creative students then this is the place for you to compete for prizes and glory
  • BE A COACH – This is for the teachers to help the most creative students in school to achieve greatness on the big stage
  • BE A FAN – Your high school Media Team is going to need some help from the sidelines and this is your chance to watch and share videos, songs, artwork, etc. to move them forward as the compete for a national championship
  • BE A BOOSTER – Media Teams need the support from family, friends, alumni and teachers by posting content directly to their social media networks
  • BE A SPONSOR – Support students as they produce and share videos, music and more
Media League Sandbox

The Media League Sandbox. Teams upload content and discuss them, here.

For more information and to register for The Media League go to Tryouts begin on November 8, 2012, when students will showcase their best work and make their case for a spot on their school’s Media Team.

For more information contact John Sobol 613-252-3441,

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