Culture Compass picks up on The Media League

Jonah Group is building a new competitive creativity platform for teens called The Media League, and today we received our first press mention, in an interview between the editor of Culture Compass and League commissioner and co-founder John Sobol. In this article, Ms Marks describes the concept as an "Olympics for creativity", and asks some tough questions about competition in the arts. Read it here on Culture Compass!

We’re gearing up for a summer of sport as the UK goes into over-drive for all things Olympic. But could we ever imagine a Games that had creativity, rather than sport, at its core? A sprint finish for the best photographer, or a medal for the most talented graphic designer?

- Loma-Ann Marks, Culture Compass

Loma-Ann Marks was a performer and freelance writer before becoming a journalist on the Daily Star Sunday, Daily Star and Express. She's the Founder and Editor of online UK culture magazine Culture Compass.

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