CDO Executive Summit – Jonah Group Summary Report

The Jonah Group was very proud to sponsor the inaugural CDO Executive Summit in Detroit on May 6, 2014. The event was a major success! Topics included big data, predictive analysis and data lake architecture. Following are some highlights from the sessions:

  • Opening Keynote – Steve Ambrose: It was interesting that a key means of extracting benefit from dig data was purely human. It was critical for Steve to engage domain experts in the decision-making loop to verify outcomes and fine-tune predictions. Steve also pointed out that you can pull a lot of information from dirty data when it’s used in aggregate. He also advocated a low-cost approach to get started – ask for access to data, show progress and gain management support.
  • Elevating & Innovating Data Science – Jim Peregord: Jim is using a small-company approach within General Electric to rapidly grow BI capability. I plan to buy the book he recommended called The Lean Startup.
  • Building Culture With the Business Data Lake – Jacque Istok: Jacque’s focus on culture was on adoption of Big Data within a large organization. He recommended making data available as-is and providing access using traditional SQL query tools, which makes it easy to get started. Jacque points out that data mart security is relatively immature so multiple data marts may be required to manage access to different subject areas.
  • Does Experience Trump Insights from Analytics – Sankar Bala: Sankar points out the importance of finding the right level of granularity to identify patterns and extract insights from the data. This resonates with themes of flexibility and iteration we heard from other speakers. These themes are supported by emerging data technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce.
  • Improving Data Quality with Data Governance – Michelle Billingsley: We liked that Michelle includes both technical and business people in her governance structure. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan was able to close many data quality tickets simply by sharing knowledge about their Enterprise Data Warehouse with business stakeholders.
  • Closing Keynote – Dr. Ken Atilgan: Dr. Atilgan spoke of a vision of, and a quest towards, a high-quality MDM process. In his talk I got a sense of the persistence he must have had to make that vision a reality, and the sense of achievement he must have felt with the success of the result.

The Jonah Group has developed a data discovery process that supports agile development. We are currently integrating modern tools like Hadoop and MapReduce to further reduce the development time and operating costs of analytic systems. Please contact Drew Atkins for more information.

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